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Welcome to Life Stiles Spa

At Life Stiles we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality products and services to make your experience with us the very best Edmonton has to offer. We are a Quality Assurance Approved member of the Leading Spas of Canada, which guarantees our services are effective, safe, and delivered by professionally trained staff. 

We offer a wide variety of services to treat you from head to toe! Services range from Clinical Laser Skin Treatments by Lumenis®, Customized Facials and Registered Massage Therapy and Body Treatments to Manicures, Pedicures, and Hair Removal to show off your inner and outer beauty!

Escape into the heart of 124th Street in Edmonton to our aroma of relaxation, professional service providers and catering customer service. 


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Massage Therapy

Life Stiles prides itself on having a massage therapy team with expertise and knowledge in a selection of treatment modalities to treat a variety of concerns you may have. Combined with a calming environment, aromatic scents, and comfortable heated beds, your experience is sure to be nothing less then exceptional. We cater to customize your treatment to meet the needs you have upon each appointment. We recommend a return visit every three to four weeks to maintain optimal health.

Try to relax after the massage treatment even if you feel re-energized. If you feel any soreness or tender areas try an ice pack or heat pack on the tender area and let your therapist know how you felt during the next couple days after the session.

Benefits can range from stress reduction, decreased blood pressure, increased circulation, to improved immunity and sports injury rehabilitation

* Massage therapy is covered under certain health care plans. Please ask upon booking if your therapist is covered under your insurance provider. Receipt with Registered Massage Therapist Registration number is issued upon request. 

Signature Massage Therapy

Relaxation uses soothing techniques with light to moderate pressure to allow you to drift into a place of contentment.

Therapeutic or Deep Tissue is designed for clients with chronic issues requiring deeper work on specific muscle groups. Helps relieve stubborn knots or areas of chronic tension with firmer pressure.

40 minutes 75
60 minutes 95
90 minutes 125

Couples Massage Therapy

60 Minutes - 110 per person          90 Minutes - 140 per person

Relax and unwind in our deluxe double suite with tandem massages to treat the body and the mind. Style of massage is your preference, from gentle relaxation to deeper work on the areas of increased tension. Included are separate steam showers to finish your treatment.


I had an awesome experience, the staff is very friendly and the 60min massages were amazing!!
— Ana Bohorquez-Murphy


Relax monthly to get the most from your massage therapy, and we even give you a discount and some special treats too!


Gift Cards

Always appreciated and greatly enjoyed… Give the gift of an unforgettable experience! Gift certificates can be ordered over the phone at 780.453.3538, in person or online.


Quality Assurance

We are a Quality Assurance Approved member of the Leading Spas of Canada that recognizes outstanding spas in Canada. They ensure our services are effective, safe, and delivered by professionally trained staff. 


Hot Stone Massage

A series of warm and cool volcanic and marble stones are applied therapeutically with mint oils to stimulate the flow of energy while simultaneously relieving tension in the body and muscles. Allows the heat to penetrate deeper and relieve deep muscle tension.

80 minutes 169
100 minutes 199

Massage Enhancements

Stone Therapy

Extra Scalp Massage (10 minutes) 15

Extra Foot Massage (10 minutes) 15

Therapeutic Paraffin
Dip for Hands or Feet

Aromatic Steam Shower 10


Motherhood Massage

Help relieve the physical discomforts of pregnancy and improve labor outcome with prenatal massage. This massage can also benefit baby by creating a calming in utero environment. Specialized pregnancy cushions used, allowing mom-to-be to lay comfortably on her stomach or side. 

Massage on areas of lower back not recommended in early pregnancy, please advise your massage therapist on your trimester so they can accommodate. 

40 minutes 75
60 minutes 95
90 minutes 125

Full Body Yon-ka essential oil Add-On 25

Let our registered massage therapists create the ultimate experience for you through the use of Yon-Ka Essential Hydrating Oils.

Choose from 4 aromatic concentrates:

DETOX aroma-fusion “Getaway to Provence”
100% natural concentrates of lavender, everlasting and petitgrain essential oils

SILHOUETTE aroma-fusion “A Walk in the Forest”
100% natural concentrates of cedar, cypress and rosemary essential oils

VITALITE aroma-fusion “Corsican Delight
100% natural concentrates of sweet orange and mandarin essential oils

RELAX aroma-fusion “Polynesian Journey”
100% natural concentrates of jasmine and tiare flower essential oils